World Aids Day Observance 2016

Dec 8 2016 Erie, PA

Erie, PA had its first major winter storm on Thursday, December 8, 2016. The World Aids Day Observance was held that morning on the second floor of the Mental Health Association. Reverend Rhodes from New Jerusalem Church led the prayer service with an inspiring message of faith. Miss Gloria and her children provided the music throughout and after the program. Volunteers proclaimed Scripture passages, prayer petitions and recited the names of those who had passed on from the disease. The Prayer Service ended with a prayer for healing on all levels and in all spaces. Attendees spent time for fellowship and eating healthy refreshments.

"I really liked the story about your mother" was a comment made by a first time attendee.

World Aids Day 2014

World AIDS Day was celebrated here at MHANP on December 4, 2014 at 11:00 AM with the theme of "Getting to Zero." The program was dedicated in the memory of Frank Reinsel, RN, Darlene Scavona, RN, Claudette McAdory, Faith Based Community Outreach and Jeff Greco, a case manager. Three beautiful and intricately made AIDS quilts that were donated by Guadenzia?s SHOUT Outreach were on display. Free and confidential testing was also made available to participants. A service was performed by Reverend Owen Rhodes and his daughter from New Jerusalem Lutheran Church, who led us in prayer and song, calling for us to be part of a community of faith that suffers when another member suffers. The guest speaker shared his story of recovery and redemption, and also educated the audience on how HIV/AIDS can be transmitted. The day was an outstanding success.

Comments from participants:

"I come to this program every year and it?s an inspiration to go out into the community and continue to spread the awareness of HIV and mental illness."

"Thank God for Rita and the MHA network relationship. You have provided the essence of why WAD is essential."

" Songs were sure to uplift."

"It was a joy. All was good."

"All went well and not much more can be done to make it better!"

" Powerful service , the support of those who can be affected with HIV/AIDS and awareness of this illness."

"It was a communal experience. I felt like I was a part of a group and not like myself."

"I thought David was a great speaker & Thought he spoke from his heart."

World Aids Day 2013

"Getting to Zero" was the theme for World Aids Day 2013. A Memorial Celebration for World Aids Day was held on Tuesday, December 3rd at 11:00AM at the Mental Health Association. The program was dedicated in the memory of Fran Reinsel, RN, Darlene Scavona, RN, Claudette McAdory, Faith Based Community Outreach and Jeff Greco a case manager.

The guest speaker shared his recovery story and answered questins about HIV/AIDS. Reverend W. Owen Rhodes from New Jerusalem Lutheran Church led those in attendance in prayer and a call to action of living our lives in faith. Ms. Gloria led us in song. Names were added to the Tree of Hope. Two locally made AIDS quilts that were donated th SHOUT Outreach were on display. Free and confidential testing was available.

World Aids Day 2012

World Aids Day 2012 was celebrated here at the MHANP on Dec 4, 2012. World Aids Day is dedicated to raising awareness of AIDS and the spread of HIV infection. This international event has been celebrated in the USA since 1995. The greater Erie community has recognized and celebrated the event since 2007.

Evan Csir, a post-graduate student at Edinboro University, participated in the 2012 event and offers his reflections.

Reflections of Evan Csir ~

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, at the Mental Health Association, a World AIDS Day program took place. There were 25 people in attendance. It was a very inspirational program, and very touching. The theme this year was "Universal Access and Human Rights: Act Aware." The World AIDS Day Program promoted awareness, and recovery in every sense of the word. Reverend Rhodes was very inspiring, and brought with him a very uplifting message. The music played by Ms. Anoia was also very inspirational and uplifting. It really fit the theme of the program well. Between the guest speaker, Reverend Rhodes, and Ms. Anoia's beautiful music, the day was a great success!

~ Program Highlights ~

World Aids Day December 1, 2009 was celebrated in the Erie Community

On Friday, December 4, 2009 the Mental Health Association held a memorial service for World Aids Day including prayer by Reverend W. Owen Rhodes, music by Mrs. Anoia Rhodes-Hobson, and a guest speaker. An AIDS quilt provided by SCI Cambridge Springs was on display as well as the Tree of Hope. All in attendance were extremely moved by Reverend Rhodes' uplifting messages, Anoia's tremendous musical talents, and the guest speaker's personal story of acceptance and finding herself although HIV positive.

World Aids Day December 1, 2009 was celebrated in the Erie Community according to this schedule:

Nov 29 2009    Sunday
10:00AM Abundant Life Ministries Worship Service) (ABLHO)
6:00PM Abundant Life Ministries Dinner & Concert (ABLHO)
Nov 30 2009    Monday
Noon Quilt Display & Pictures of the Past 1505 State
8:00PM An Evening of Awareness at 1505 State
Dec 1 2009    Tuesday
All Day Right To Live Campaign

8:30AM to 4:30PM (Thru Dec 4th)
    Mercyhurst College - Student Union
    (Table with statistics, red ribbons and facts)
    Carolyn Hermann Student Union
    501 E 38th St, Erie PA 16545
    Contact: Pertrina Marerro @ 824-2369

    Tag-Team Ministry Presentation of World Aids Day 2009
    (Speakers and Quilt Display)
    New Revelation Full Gospen Baptist Church
    947 W 9th Street
    Contact: Claudette McAdory @459-4128

8:00PM Club Craze Music Event (ABLHO)
Dec 3 2009    Thursday
11:00AM ‘Speak Out”. An evening of Spoken Word at Club Craze (ABLHO)

7:00PM to 9:00PM
    Community United Church
    1011 W 38th St
    Contact: Mary Viglione @454-4530 X 290
Dec 4 2009    Friday
1:15PM Mental Health Association
    (Memorial Service, Tree of Hope, Quilt display)
    1101 Peach St (Upstairs)
    Contact: Rita Wheeler @ 452-4452 X 103
5:00PM Young Adult Forum at JFK Center
6:00PM Community Celebration at St James AME Church
Dec 5 2009    Saturday
11:00AM Community Celebration at Greater Calvary Church
7:00PM ‘Raise the Praise' Dance (ABLHO)
Dec 9 2009     Wednesday
11:30AM Mercyhurst College - Student Union
    (Lunch &Speaker) Open to Students
    Carolyn Hermann Student Union
    501 E 38th St, Erie PA 16546
    Contact: Pertrina Marrero @824-2369
Dec 12 2009     Saturday
2:30PM Remembering the Spirit of Julia and Others
    (Quilt Display and Speaker)
    Mental Health Association
    1101 Peach St (Upstairs)
    Contact: Steve Simmelkjaer @ 459-4775

Organizations participating in this celebration are:

World Aids Day 2008 Celebration

World Aids Day 2008 was celebrated at the Mental Health Association on December 2, 2008. Participants from throughout the Erie community joined with Rev. W. Owen Rhodes and Music Minister Anoia Rhodes Hobson in remembering our loved ones who have been lost to AIDS. Event Photos

World Aids Day Observation a Moving Success

On December 4 2007, we observed World Aids Day with a memorable program of reflection and prayer. A wide selection of literature was available for participants and red ribbons were handed out.

An AIDS memorial quilt was on display courtesy of Erie County SCI Albion.

A moving personal testimony from an MHA member opened the event.

The Rev. W. Owen Rhodes of the New Jerusalem Lutheran Church then led a Prayer Service accompanied by the impressive talents of his daughter, Ms. Anoia Rhodes. Ms. Anoia played softly during the entire service, occasionally playing complete songs she knew by heart. Rev. Rhodes concluded the service with a "moment of healing" which found the 25 attending people standing in a circle and joining hands.

Attendees were invited to stay afterwards for fellowship and healthy refreshments.

Photos of the event.

World AIDS Day Memorial Celebration
"Save The Children, Keeping the Promise"

World AIDS Day is an annual remembrance of persons living with or affected by AIDS.

The Mental Health Association in conjunction with the Erie County Department of Health hosted its annual Eucharistic service and quilt display on December 1, 2006.

Please visit our Photo Display from this celebration.

"Save the Children, Keep the Promise" was the theme for World AIDS Day, December 1, 2006. The Mental Health Association acknowledged the day with a Tree of Hope, a quilt display and a Communion Service.

The Tree of Hope, an artificial evergreen was decorated in the lobby with red balloons, cutouts of children and red ribbons with people's names that had died from AIDS. These people were later remembered at the Communion Service. An AIDS quilt was displayed in the Arts and Culture Gallery for the day.

Reverend Randy Roda celebrated a Communion and Healing Service at the MHA on Friday, December 1 at 1:30PM. Song, Scripture and prayer were a part of the service. At the end of the service people were invited to come forward for a laying on of hands. Reverend Randy listened to each person's request for healing and offered a unique prayer and blessing on each person who came forward.

Information on prevention and testing was available. Light refreshments and fellowship were shared for the rest of the afternoon.

Comments from a participant

In one accord people came together because there is no refuge from their selves. People amazingly still do not accept that AIDS is not a one human sector disease. People come together in a common ground to plant roots to grow. In this ground we pray together, we fellowship together and we live/die together. But only through God's grace and mercy comes healing and blessings. Amen.