Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

TTY Service Available At MHA

Thanks to the generosity of the Erie Community Foundation the Mental Health Association of NW PA is now more consumer friendly for persons who have hearing impairments. The MHA was awarded a grant for the purchase of a TTY machine. A TTY machine is a device that attaches to a phone line and allows persons who are deaf or hearing impaired to converse with other sites that are similarly equipped. The MHA TTY allows users to type in messages and send them to another TTY machine and then receive a typed response. It is equipped with a print-out capability allowing the user to have a hard copy of the conversation when necessary.

The TTY service was requested by the consumers of mental health services who attend programs at the MHA. Having the device is in keeping with the MHA’s commitment to empowerment of all persons with mental health and co-occurring disabilities to be able to lead lives of choice, responsibility, and dignity. In our efforts to be good neighbors and a resource to the larger community, the MHA TTY service availability will be posted at our front entrance so that anyone with a hearing impairment in the downtown Erie area will be welcome to use this device upon request.

The MHA is very grateful to the Erie Community Foundation for making the TTY service a reality at our facility at 1101 Peach St. It will benefit the MHA and persons with hearing impairments for many years to come.