TransFamily of Erie
Serving the Transgender Community of Northwestern PA
and the Surrounding Region

TransFamily of Erie currently consists of three peer-to-peer support groups serving the transgender community of Northwestern PA and the surrounding region. We provide a safe space for all who fit somewhere in the gender spectrum, or who are questioning, to share their experiences and to obtain support from others who have had similar experiences. We welcome anyone who identifies as gender-variant, their family, friends, and allies of the community. We also support the community through advocacy efforts and education to the larger cisgender community, and we attend to charges of discrimination experienced by transgender people in Erie County.

Meetings are always confidential and completely free. Pop and chips are provided. Please feel free to bring other snacks or a dish to share with the group, if you are able, but this is not required.

Caitlyn Strohmeyer
TransFamily of Erie Transgender Support Group
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