Mental Health Association
of Northwestern PA

"I'm The Evidence" Award Nominations for 2017

May 17 2017 Erie, PA

NOMINEE: Albert Thebault


Albert Thebault came to the MHA as a very quiet member who wanted to belong but was anxious in crowds. He joined DBSA support group, and Eve, the co-facilitator, quickly discovered that he was a Nascar fan. He attended weekly and was drawn into the discussions, trusting Eve, then the rest of the group. He is still quiet but a very reliable listener and contributor who supports other members. He also asked if he could help out. He met Rita Wheeler, the Volunteer Coordinator and has been volunteering with her for the past year.

He often does things around the MHA that most of us are unaware of. The festive tree on the second floor is one of his projects. He works at MHA about three times a week. During that time he has become more open - he always was a friendly person, good natured. He now sometimes spends lunchtime with other volunteers and the interns.

He moved into his own apartment about a year ago and although he was not used to living alone, he has adjusted to a schedule of working at MHA and in his free time, playing Internet games, taking care of his apartment, and watching Nascar on Sunday afternoons. He has added much to our group and we are grateful for getting to know and appreciate him.

Gail McGuire