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Schizophrenia Anonymous Support Group (SA)

Schizophrenia Anonymous Support Group (SA) is a peer lead and peer focused support group, using the "Six Steps for Recovery".

We meet in an informal setting with the expectation of recovery. Anyone diagnosed with schizophrenia or related disorders, is encouraged to visit our meeting. If you like what you experience, you will be invited to become a regular participant.

The meetings are without charge.

The purpose of Schizophrenia Anonymous is:

SA Group uses a six step program and the SZ Digest. The SA Group is open to people with Schizophrenia, Schizo-affective, and Bipolar Disorder. SA is endorsed by the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Please be aware, your Schizophrenia is not your fault. It is not the result of some weakness in your character or a personality deficit. Rather, according to the best information from the scientific community, Schizophrenia is a brain disorder, involving chemical imbalances and sometimes tissue irregularities in the brain. Please know that you are welcome to attend Schizophrenia Anonymous Group.

More information about schizophrenia contact Kevin W at the Mental Health Association Office, 1101 Peach Street, Erie, PA. (814)452-4462.

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