Mental Health Association
of Northwestern PA

"I'm The Evidence" Award Nominations for 2018

May 23 2018 Erie, PA

NOMINEE: Hillary Palczar

NOMINATED BY: Ina Chandler

I Nominate Hillary Palczar because she is in Mental Health Recovery and Drug and Alcohol Recovery as well. She has over 3 years clean and sober.

Through Mental Health Treatment:

  • She is a Drug court graduate since Dec 2016
  • She has done a lead 1 year ago
  • She is active in her recovery
  • She is a Certified Peer Specialist since Jun 2017
  • She is a Certified Forensic Specialist since Jul 2017
  • She is a Recovery Specialist since Nov 2017

Hillary works on the Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team and works very well with our Consumers/Members both on the phone and face to face.

She is an active member of Grace Church, attends Celebrate Recovery and has had a beautiful little boy while in recovery and is expecting another child.

Hillary has been overcoming some physical and sexual abuse from when she was a child.

She tried to commit suicide a few times when she was 16 just before she started drinking.

In her 20's she turned to heroin and became addicted and was living out of her car. She felt lost, broken, and no where to turn.

  • She’s been in 4 abusive relationships-physical and emotional abuse.
  • Lost her 3 older children which are 7,8,9, years old and haven't seen them in almost 3 years this October.
  • She has had to go through a lot of therapy and mental health help dealing with the loss of her children.
  • She has also dealt with depression and anxiety since she was 13 years old when her best friend died in a car accident.

Ina Chandler