Mental Health Association
of Northwestern PA

"I'm The Evidence" Award Nominations for 2018

May 23 2018 Erie, PA

NOMINEE: Annette Bliss


We all at one time or another, try to set goals in our lives. My beautiful wife Annette came to a point in her life where she decided it was time to set some goals for herself.

Battling drug and alcohol addiction can very hard, if not impossible for some to overcome. But she did it. And when you combine that with bipolar disorder, it certainly doesn't make anything any easier. But she was determined and she accomplished this goal through treatment that included medication and counseling.

She set out to do what she loved. She became a caregiver. She worked in the homes of her clients and helped them with their daily activities of life so that they could remain in their homes. Some weeks she worked 60 hours to assure that their needs were met. She actually passed away in the home of a client, doing what she loved. She was an amazing caregiver and loved her job and loved helping others. And after working those long hours she would come home and take care of our home.

And that brings me to her main goal in life. Loving me. She loved me and that love was unconditional and undisputed. Her love was honest and pure. We were best friends and soulmates for the past 11 years.

My beautiful wife Annette Bliss set some goals for herself. She conquered them. She was an astonishing woman who left us too soon. She was the very definition of "I Am The Evidence"


Bob Bliss