Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

My interning experience at the MHA

My interning experience at the MHA was truly one of a kind. The MHA is very unique because it is consumer run and driven. This helps to really create a tight knit community, especially between staff and members. The MHA is very supportive of recovery from mental illnesses. It was a wonderful environment.

All of the staff at the MHA were very friendly and helpful. I really got a better idea of how the mental health field works. I was afforded a lot of opportunities to expand on my Social Work practice at the MHA by going to meetings, facilitating a group that I created myself, and just being able to speak with members. Every member has a story to tell, and I always learned something new from them.

My advice to any incoming intern is to not wait until the last minute to start you field hours. This will only stress you out. The earlier you start the better. My second piece of advice is to really think about what you want to get out of your interning experience. The MHA really affords interns a lot of freedom to shape their own interning experience. Take advantage of this opportunity! My last piece of advice is to really be yourself. It is a wonderful experience. Good Luck!

Kyra Stanyard
Mercyhurst University 2012

April 26, 2012

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