Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

MHA was a great place to do my internship

During my undergraduate as a clinical psychology major at Edinboro University in my senior year, I wanted and was eligible to do my internship. I was looking for a place that I could learn from real life experiences, not just from reading from textbooks.

MHA was a great place to do my internship because I could get the experience to how to facilitate a support group. I could see people that who had a mental disorder and were coping with it as described in the books. I saw the big efforts they were putting to work in their recovery. At the same time, I could connect with them with no problems and work together with them towards their recovery and goals.

At MHA I could get connected with consumers and staff very well. They are great people who welcomed me very warmly, plus they were highly helpful during my internship. I got the opportunity to get connected and participate in community events. I was able to learn more about different mental health agencies in my community as well as different services that consumers could benefit from and I learned how to advocate for consumers.

One thing I got to do here at MHA was shared my culture with the consumers. I gave a presentation on the Dominican Republic, and afterwards shared authentic Dominican food with them. I spent time with the consumers playing board games, going to the Art Museum Lunch Break, and I did Zumba exercise with the consumers. I supported the consumers through their good times and their bad.

My internship had been a great experience and every one here will have a place in my heart.

Merida Reynoso
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

August 17, 2013

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