Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

A Great Experience and Knowledge

Prior to entering the Mental Health Association, I had little to no knowledge at all about the mental health field. I was aware of only a few mental health illnesses but had small knowledge about them. I am glad to say that being an intern at the MHA has given me the opportunity to grasp a vast amount of information and knowledge, not only about what mental health is about but also how to care for those affected by mental health. Mental Health Association provides a community for the population of mental health. To have such a place where you can be yourself and feel at ease and comfortable is extraordinary. Being a part of MHA since September, I have learned many things from coordinating events, filing documents/faxing, creating different flyers for upcoming events, and most importantly interacting with the members of the MHA. Knowing that you are helping a person feel better, or just being someone’s listener is such an amazing feeling. These people want to feel alive and treated normal and not look upon as "crazy people". My personality fits in perfectly here because I am a people person and am willing to help those in needs. The saying, "It is better to give than receive" is definitely accurate. To know that you are giving these members your full attention that they do not normally receive on a daily basis truly makes my day, but in return I receive compassion, care and hope from the members. 1 crave for knowledge and being an intern here I will definitely get me more exposed to the different agencies here in Erie and what they are about. So far I have become familiar with many that I was never aware of before. I am surrounded by a group of staff members who truly are wonderful. To be surrounded by people that recognize your work and are always willing to be help you in times of need is truly amazing. My supervisors have made my experience here at the MHA a tool to learn more and become a better professional. I am proud to say that Bill and Rita have made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I show no hesitance when coming to MHA. I am looking forward to what the next semester will have in store for me here at the MHA.

Venera Loshaj

Social Work Major-Gannon University

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