Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

To Incoming Interns

My time at the Mental Health Association has been very memorable. I have had the chance to interact with people from many different backgrounds with a variety of different personalities. I have also gotten the chance to learn a lot about the lifestyle that they have come accustomed to. When first coming to the MHA I didn't know what to expect, because I never worked in this kind of environment before. An environment that is consumer driven; which is very different from organizations that for the majority are ran by trained staff.

I must say there is no place like the MHA, the members have a chance to speak their mind and give suggestions on the way that the program needs to be ran, and actually have their opinion heard and taken into consideration. When at the MHA there are many great opportunities that are present for the chance to interact with members. From facilitating you own group that fits your personality, to sitting in during a group you have never attended before. Though if group is not something of your interest, just sitting down and having a conservation with a member can put a smile on your face.

The MHA offers people a chance to get their feet on the ground; it's a place where everyone has the chance to feel accepted. There will be days where things seem a little difficult but that's anywhere you go. My suggestion to all new coming interns is, to be yourself and get involved. Sometimes the things that make us step out of our comfort zone are the times where we have the chance to create the best memories.

Amber Ingram
Gannon University 2012

Apr 27, 2012

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