Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Internship at the Mental Health Association reinforced my career choice of Business Financial Accounting (BFA)

I Charles E. Frazier III, a graduating Business Financial Accounting (BFA) student from Northwest Regional Technology Institute (NRTI) have enjoyed my time and experience as an intern her at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA (MHA). I had numerous Challenging task to complete over my time here at MHA, such as MHA Café inventory calculations (Excel, MS word, marketing, and manual accounting). I got to assist and perform a Power Point Presentation with Rita Wheeler (MHA Volunteer Supervisor) in front of 50 students at Gannon University. I also got to attend important meetings with public officials, sitting in and discussing important matters within the community (Public Speaking and Marketing). I Created spread sheets, inventory list, notices, announcements, directional signs and flyers for activities, meetings, public events and also edited existing flyers and handouts. (MS Publisher, MS Word, MS Excel and marketing). The MHA is a great place to do an internship. The tasks are challenging at times but are ultimately always a cause for greater good for the community.

In closing I would like to thank Rita Wheeler for giving me the opportunity to show my professional skills, allowing me to shine, excel and exceed above expectation. I would also like to thank all other MHA staff and consumers members for making me feel welcome for the time I have spent here at MHA. It was a fruitful experience for me in life beyond the pursuit of my professional career in the future. Thank you all for the opportunity once again and wish me well on my future career path.


Charles Frazier


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