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Resources for Mental Health, Mental Wellness Recovery, Housing and Food

Fact Sheets and Workbooks

Safe Harbor Behavioral Health begins warm line service on Monday through Friday, noon to 8:00PM
Call 1-877-550-4007 when you need to talk to someone about a non-crisis issue.

Central Resource on Medicare Drug Plan
Leading mental health organizations have joined together to create a central resource on MedicareĀ“s new prescription drug benefit. The new website, mentalhealthpardd.org contains easy-to-understand, top-line information tailored specifically to:
  • Psychiatrists and other physicians
  • Providers at community health centers
  • Consumers and their families

The goal of the Mental Health Part D collaboration is to provide synthesized information that will facilitate informed decision-making for providers and consumers as they choose new Medicare prescription drug plans.

Emergency Med Part D Help from OMHSAS
Quick Reference Guide for Behavioral Health Consumers on Medicare Part D

Partnetship for Prescription Assistance Pennsylvania
PPARxPA is a program that connects qualified, low-income people with discounted prescription drugs, direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

New Bilingual Handbook on AD/HD Helps Hispanic Parents
A leading Hispanic health advocacy group has a booklet that could help some Hispanic parents make a difference in their children's education. Detailed information is available from their web site above or by calling the Su Familia help line at (866)783-2645.

Problem gambling helpline and information
The National Council on Problem Gambling is the national advocate for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families. They maintain a helpline at 1-800-522-4700. The MHA hosted an informational meeting regarding the National Council and their programs. The Mental Health Association is pleased to be able to help support this effort.

Guidelines for Following Mental Health Advance Directives
OMHSAS Bulletin SMH-06-03 issues guidelines for following Mental Health Directives in State Mental Hospitals.

Screening Plays Key Role In Detection And Treatmemt
According to a Brandeis University study, screening improves detection and treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues and is the first step to receiving treatment.

Signs of Suicide Program shown to be effective
The SOS Signs of Suicide program is a depression awareness and suicide prevention program that can be implemented in one or more classroom periods by existing school staff. The program teaches students who are already feeling depressed or suicidal that help is available and directs them to where they should turn for this help within the school system.


Memorial of Recovery Dignity Traveling Exhibit
Recovery Dignity traveling exhibit raises awareness of and restores dignity of the hundreds of thousands of consumers who died and were buried in unmarked graves on the grounds of psychiatric hospitals nationwide.

Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her own Fight
This article was published in the New York Times on June 23,2011: "Marsha Linehan, a therapist and researcher at the University of Washington who suffered from borderline personality disorder, recalls the religious experience that transformed her as a young woman.

Non-medical treatment for schizophrenia - talk therapy
People with severe schizophrenia who have been isolated, withdrawn and considered beyond help can learn to become more active, social and employable by engaging in a type of talk therapy that was invented to treat depression. Article from the New York Times.

Lighten UP to fight SAD
Twenty percent of the US population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the "winter blues", according to this December 27, 2005 article from the Detroit Free Press. In SAD season: If your gloomy mood matches the wintry skies, several approaches can help columnist Patricia Anstett writes that seventy percent of those so affected may be helped by Phototherapy.

Finding The Answers In Managing Your Fears
Articles published by Stanley Popovich discuss approaches to managing stress and anxieties that may be useful to anyone but especially to those of us with anxiety disorders.

Mayo Clinic Recommends Support Groups in coping with bipolar disorder.
The Mayo Clinic discusses diagnosis, treatment, self-care and coping skills for bipolar disorder in this recent article. "Coping with bipolar disorder can be difficult. Support groups can be a valuable part of a wider network of social support. Support groups for bipolar disorder provide a setting in which people can share their common problems and provide ongoing support to one another." Visit our Schedule of Activitiesto find the time and date of our bipolar support group.

Alert Sounded for Beneficiaries of Social Security
Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy, Inc. is concerned that the state's citizens with disabilities are not taking full advantage of PABSS, Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security.

Friday evening DBSA Online Support Group begins
Good news! DBSA would like to announce a new online support group on Friday evenings from 8:00-9:30 pm Eastern Time.

Be Aware of the Warning Signs of Suicide
Understanding and Helping the Suicidal Individual: the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) is dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide.

What are Reasonable Accomodations?
Boston University has reasearched the area of 'reasonable accomodations' involving people with mental health issues. Their findings may serve as a guide for employees/employers and students/educators.

SOCIAL SECURITY: How to Prove You Are Disabled When You Have A Mental Illness.
Some people think that if they have a diagnosis such as "depression" or "schizophrenia," the Social Security Administration will automatically grant benefits. That is not true. Specifics are available in this short article by Atty Martha Churchill.

Resource Group Support for Family and Friends of Persons Who Die by Suicide
PALS "People after Loss from Suicide" is a non-denominational support group. Meetings are currently held at St. Marks Catholic Center 429 East Grandview Blvd. Erie PA 16504 every third Tuesday from 7-9PM. For More Information Call: Marjorie 814-864-2428, Mary 814-898-0709 or Sandy 814-825-9437.

The Sweethearts Deal: How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy
This article from BP (Bipolar) Magazine deals with building strong relationships when one partner has bipolar disorder.

Lady Gaga and Her Triumph Over Depression and Loneliness
This article from Esperanza (Anxiety&Depression) Magazine features the journey of super-star Lady Gaga to wellness.