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MHAPA IconMental Health Assoc in PA

Behavioral Health Navigator

June 21 Harrisburg, PA

The Behavioral Health Navigator handles non-emergency questions and concerns from individuals across the state, and the USA, about behavioral health issues. They help individuals to:

  • Identify and connect to resources for mental health and/or substance use services and supports.
  • Answer questions about the publicly-funded behavioral health system (via Medicaid and/or Medicare).
  • Assist individuals in navigating other service systems.

Learn more about this valuable program and how it can assist you in finding non-emergency resources.

Behavioral Health Navigator ~

MHA IconWe Are

Apr 16 2021 Erie, PA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for The Mental Health Association of NW PA? Now is your time to apply! Available jobs and their descriptions may be found here.Please fill out the employment application and email it to or mail it to 1101 Peach St., Erie, PA 16501.

MHA IconRental Assistance
Is Needed in Erie

July 6 2021 Erie, PA

(Note: This article first appeared in the Opinion section of the Erie Times-News on June 25, 2021.)

As a certified peer specialist serving dual diagnosed individuals with substance abuse and mental health difficulties, I help people who are working to rebuild their lives for the better under challenging circumstances. Many of my peers have low-income or are reliant on a very small amount of public benefits. They must choose between buying enough food for their household and paying for needed health care services.

Among other important actions our government should take, it is time our elected leaders take action to support rental assistance. Pandemic aside, people in Erie need help. Too many people in Erie don't have the money to buy food, pay rent or pay for the health care they need. Benefits from Social Security, disability and food stamps are not enough to cover these basic costs. We need Pennsylvania to create new emergency rental assistance using funds from the American Rescue Plan. Rental assistance should provide support for case management, administration costs and rent.

Before I got to where I am today, I experienced housing instability. I remember how hard it was to make rent payments. My family and I had to move frequently. We even became homeless at one point. It took a long time to get on the list for housing support because the backlog was very large. I know firsthand how important more funding for housing support programs would be. It would mean the difference between not knowing where one will stay on a given night to having a place to rest and call home. Elected officials in Harrisburg should support rental assistance without delay.

Theresa Abbey
MHA Peer Support Team Leader

Theresa Abbey
Theresa Abbey

MHA IconAnnual

Feb 24 2022 Erie, PA

Our latest corporate Annual Report is available now.

MHANP Annual Report for 2020 ~

MHA IconPeer Support Program (PSP) Annual Report

Feb 24 2022 Erie, PA

We have published the 2021 annual report for our Peer Support Program (PSP) and make it available here:

Peer Support Program (PSP)Annual Report FY 2021 ~

Supports May is Mental Health Month

AgriSafe Network, dedicated to support the health and safety of rural Americans and farm families, provides health services and education to their constituents. Recognizing that mental health is vital to overall health, they highlight May as Mental Health Month in their message. Their website is a very valuable source for information on many items concerning physical and mental health.

Please visit:
Agrisafe Network ~

MHA IconNew Peer Support Group Promotes Recovery

Feb 8 2022 Erie, PA

Join us beginning March 1st at this peer support group. MHA membership is not required.

Aiding Your Recovery Journey

Tuesdays 12:30PM to 1:30PM
March 1st forward
Mental Health Association
1101 Peach St
Erie PA 16501
To promote recovery, resilience and empathy for individuals working on their journey of mental health and wellness.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols in effect.
Temperature checks
Contact Info
More Info
Call 814.456.1773
Email: info @

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Communit Care Behavioral Health IconCommunity Care is hosting Erie County Member Advisory Meeting

Jan 27 2022 Erie, PA

Community Care is hosting our Erie County Member Advisory Meeting virtually on March 10, 2022 at 1:00pm. We will be discussing reinvestment ideas and have a presentation from the Northwest Tobacco Cessation program. We would love to hear from as many new HealthChoices members as we can on this call. We will be sharing information about Community Care's new Community Health Worker and new prenatal Care management. If you have any questions please reach out to me at 1-855-310-0241. Preregistration is required.

Info Flyer ~

MHA IconMHA Consumer
Recovery Center Hours

Apr 16 2021 Erie, PA

We are excited to announce that we have increased the hours that the Center is open.
The Mental Health Consumer Recovery Center is now open at the following times:

  • Monday: 10-4
  • Tuesday: 10-4
  • Wednesday 11-4
  • Thursday 10-4
  • Friday: 10 -4
  • Sunday: 12-5

Additionally, members are now able to schedule to meet with their support staff from other agencies/programs on site. We have a dedicated space that is routinely cleaned and is set up to allow for social distancing. We would like to also remind everyone that MHA is still offering free packed lunches Monday-Friday, art activities, bingo, as well as holding other special events. Members may continue to utilize the shower and laundry room.

Members are required to wear a mask and be socially distanced in the Consumer Center and throughout the building.

Please call 814-452-4462 x144 with any additional questions.

MHA IconClothing and Item Donations
Remain On Hold

Apr 16 2021 Erie, PA

Please note we are still not accepting donations of any items, but we thank you for thinking of us during this time! Continue to check our Facebook page or call us at 814-452-4462 for updates regarding items needed when the time comes. If you are interested in purchasing items that benefit our peers and members, please consider purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List.

We encourage you to donate your clean and gently used clothing and houseware items to other local organizations including:

  • The Salvation Army—1209 Sassafras St.
  • EUMA's Rainbow Connection—1516 Buffalo Rd.
  • City Mission's Thrifty Shopper—2064 West 16th St.
  • Green Scene Thrift—1301 East Grandview Blvd.