Mental Health Association
of Northwestern PA

"I'm The Evidence" Award Nominations for 2017

May 17 2017 Erie, PA

NOMINEE: Aubrey Hohman


Aubrey is a very interesting lady. Her troubles began with PTSD, anxiety attacks, and being unable to leave her apartment (agoraphobia). She has used many coping tools; medication, walking miles, and trusting a few people. She also was arrested when someone who looked like her used her car for theft. She is working to pay fines and have the record expunged. She’s been homeless twice and bounced back to own a car and have an apartment. The long distance walking has helped her anxiety and has pulled her outdoors. Needing a companion to walk as she does, she learned the value of trusting others who can help.

She has been attending DBSA support group regularly and has become a very welcome member. During the year she became known as a cheerful, friendly, humerous person who is interested in community events and readily appreciates friends. She’s been successful fighting her anxiety and has been off anxiety meds for a year now. She supports others she meets by encouraging them and trying to be positive. Her roommate says, "She’s been good to me."

She now lives in Fairweather Lodge and has been faithful to her job as well as a good house member. Aubrey has recently been promoted to a supervisory position on her job over other people with disabilities. On the job she is kind and considers others feelings before acting. This is through Opportunities Unlimitied (supported employment).

She still struggles with agoraphobia and needs a companion to walk with, but she is the kind, funny person we’ve come to know and like very much.

Gail McGuire