§ Introduction
This introduction explains what documentation and identification will be necessary in order to gain access to services.General tips are given along with a checklist for identifying your specific housing needs.
§ Housing
This article outlines the availability of short term housing, long term housing and the costs involved. Guidance is given to obtain financial help. Additionally, food banks and meals are listed with guidelines on qualifying for these services.
§ Emergency Shelter
This is a list of emergency shelter providers. Included are contact names and phone numbers, with costs if any, and accomodations.
§ Emergency Financial Help
This is a list of organizations that provide start-up help to get you into your own home.
§ Emergency Food
This is a list of providers of free daily meals. The list includes "Meals on Wheels" and food pantries.
§ Printable Housing Contact Log
A printable form to keep track of who and when you called a landlord
§ Ideal Housing Worksheet
This printable worksheet helps organize your housing search by identifing characteristics of a given property.