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MHA Dialog Meeting

Dialog Meeting is held bi-weekly.

~ Highlights of Event ~
Benefits of Event:Bi-weekly a meeting is held with the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA, Mr. Bill Grove. This meeting provides a forum for any member to suggest that the association consider events or programs that he or she feels are beneficial. Also, members may be requested to consider the staff point of view on certain issues.
MHA Dialog is intended to provide feedback to the staff about member's interests and concerns. Members may hear from the staff about events or procedures considered important to the staff.
Facilitator:Chief Executive Officer
Location:Main Area 1st Floor
Who Can Attend:Members, staff and invited speakers
Cost:No cost
Materials Needed:None needed
Transportation:None needed
Attire:Casual and clean
Size of Group:30 to 40
Time and Date:View our Schedule of Activities

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