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Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Group (DBSA)

Support groups are facilitated by a nonprofessional member with personal experience in the group' focus.

~ Highlights of Group ~
Benefits of Group:

DBSA support groups provide the kind of sharing and caring that is crucial for a lifetime of wellness.
DBSA groups:

  • Give you the opportunity to reach out to others and benefit from the experience of those who have "been there".
  • Motivate you to follow your treatment plan.
  • Help you understand that a mood disorder does not define who you are.
  • Help you rediscover strengths and humor you may have thought you had lost.
  • Provide a forum for mutual acceptance, understanding and self-discovery.
Facilitator:Gail and Grace
Location:Board Room 2nd Floor
Who Can Attend:People 18 yrs or older who have depression or bipolar disorder
Cost:No cost
Materials Needed:None needed
Transportation:None provided
Attire:Casual and clean
Size of Group:10 to 12
Certificates:Not at this time
Time and Date:View our Schedule of Activities

Schedule of Activities

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