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Warming Center Fundraiser Held In Memory of Marti Canfield

Jun 5 2018 Erie, PA

There was a beautiful luncheon at Serafini’s on June 5, 2018. The former Curves owner, Lisa Owen and Avon representative, Nancy Roebke put together this luncheon as a memorial for Marti Canfield who touched many lives while working at Curves. There were two long tables filled with former Curves members who came to celebrate Marti's life. Many memories of Marti were shared along with a few tears, a few stories and lots of smiles. This extraordinary and wonderful group of women donated a total of $602 to the Warming Center at MHA in memory of Marti! We want to express our gratitude for their kindness by acknowledging these women for their donation to the Warming Center at MHA:

  • Lisa Owen
  • Josie Albrewczynski
  • Nancy Roebke
  • Ruth Dombrowski
  • Karen Laurel
  • Rosie Tuten
  • Nancy Fye
  • Sally Sullivan
  • Carla Edmiston
  • Sharon Olsen
  • Jeanne Sigel
  • Trish Hurley
  • Judy Stewart
  • Donna Geiger
  • Jane Heineman
  • Hannelore Ranft
  • Kathie Gregory
  • Leona Carlson
  • Marian Kohan
  • Marilyn Murphy
  • Maryann Fogleboch
  • Sue Drabent
  • Tracy Riedesel

If you would like to donate on behalf of Marti Canfield to the Warming Center at MHA, please check out the Mental Health Association website to view the information about the Warming Center.