A poem written by Patrick Connors

Wonders Fury

Tainted anger restores unto glories might.

Order wafts to aid the fawns delight.

Valiant seas calmed in Joys perplexities.

Honor is enhanced with trust fall past man's eccentricies.

Thus winding round mirth gaining loves purified girth, upon the brunt of the fawns second birth. To quell the vibrant quarrels of incoherent slumber.

Excelling in surety of happiness ridding one of existent blunder.

Singing of wonders exuberant fury.

Thus, life Rains faith upon doubt and tranquility upon worry.

Raining Laughter Upon Anger

  1. Tripping into love past the dreams above, ordering reason to flourish as of the flying of the dove.
  2. Coming into age as the book of lifes ancient page, while Languishing topor as from the words from a sage, requited into faith killing the power of the wraith backlashed spitting at hatreds face.
  3. Opening the door to good righting the wrong paths.
  4. Quieting the scoffs of arrogance till all the world is filled with laughs.
  5. Struggling over assumption making a ravishing consumption. Over an inconvenient rabble that make a ready presumptions.
  6. Entering doors of loving peace for in all life for love to lease and all discrepancies to cease.

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