Textual Description of "Waterlily"

Artwork at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Katherine’s watercolor immediately brings the viewer to a place of rest. A beautiful salmon-colored lily floats above spreading green leaves and azure blue water, filling the image area with color to the outside edges in a style reminiscent of Monet.

What is it about waterlilies that so lighten our hearts? Certainly the beauty of form and dramatic size of these graceful plants uplifts even the most unenthusiastic plant person. But there is more. Waterlilies have the amazing ability to flourish in the murkiest of environments, and are commonly seen blossoming in their full glory along muddy and sometimes filth-ridden gutters in India. Their heartiness is world renown, as seeds have been known to germinate and flower after being buried in Egypt for hundreds of years unattended. In Eastern cultures, the plants represent a manifestation of the universal Buddha nature or Christ consciousness said to be inherent equally in all life.

While these facts are not necessary knowledge to appreciate Katherine’s beautiful watercolor, they surely give the piece some added significance as part of the Mental Health Association’s collection of art: that we might recognize the waterlily’s attributes within ourselves and others.