A poem written by Lawrence McClinton

Vision of Hope

In my plight of seeking justice, I found my path in merging with professional people who truly care. While in prison, my fear was: 'Would I be able to come in contact with people who can and will be a stern fixture in my stride to make a difference in my life?'

While housed in a center (ccc) I was given an opportunity to go out into the community and give back while searching for direction. I happened upon an organization known as the Mental Health Association.

While there I was introduced to members and staff alike. One in particular, a woman of great style who welcomed me and generally cares for my well being, is Ms. Rita Wheeler. I have much respect for her professional style and her ability to understand where I am so misunderstood.

Many doors have closed on me, yet this little, powerful human being kept my hope alive by letting me participate in daily functions, letting me put my affairs in order, along with aiding me when needed. GOD BLESS this spirited woman for her efforts and love she has generated in my life!

I have so much on my plate. I have no clue of fears. GOD knows I need the added help in my journey to be free, and help in those areas that will lessen my burdens! In view of all that, my vision of hope lies in those who truly care about my re-entry!

So, I press on in my plight for justice!

Vision of Hope is a lifelong process in my struggle. Lord knows the trials I've been through in this life so unforgiving, yet God is good! I pray and thank God for those angels placed in my path of right.

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