Long Description of 'Vases'

Creations Accessible Art Gallery at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Daniel created three watercolors of vases, ‘Thin Vase’, ‘Medium Vase’, and ‘Wide Vase’. These paintings are similar in their approach and coloring.

Daniel painted this work in a modern expressionist style. Wide sweeping brush strokes against an unpainted white canvas, outline the object by defining the parameters without exacting detail. This allows the viewer to ‘fill in’ the image using his imagination.

These vases are suggested to be round bottoms with slender necks that open at the top. The flowers are suggested by quickly laid brush strokes extending from the mouth of the vase upwards with simple twisting patterns.

The viewer can ‘feel’ the artist laying his colors against the canvas.

These watercolors are remarkable in their understated simplicity. The absence of competing background only serves to accentuate the lines of the vase and flowers.

The Art Class is lead by Portrait Artist, Daniel Toney. A recent session was held during 2004, on the premises of the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA, 1101 Peach Street, Erie, PA. The objects were painted using ordinary props. The Art Class was highlighted by ‘Art Night’.

Art Night was organized jointly by Daniel Toney, Portrait Artist, and Shawn Tubbs. Shawn was then an intern completing graduate studies in 'Art Therapy' and is now in private practice.

The classroom with props can be seen here.

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