Long Description of 'Summer Cottage'

Creations Accessible Art Gallery at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

This summer home is warm and inviting, beneath a canopy of tall hardwood trees.

The open gates of the weathered rail fence frame the entrance of this summer home on Lake Chautauqua. The walkway to the home is red paving brick, enhanced with a large round stone on either side. Fifty feet of waist high bright orange day lilies line the entrance up to the porch. The entire front of the home is hidden behind three feet high arboretum bushes, spaced tightly together. The feeling is of a protective border; so tight they are together, except for the opening onto the small front porch.

This stone home is striking because of the rolled hip roof that has no fascia or gutters. The second floor dormers are recessed into this unusual green roof. Usually dormers protrude outward. These recess inward.

The front of the 80 foot wide building contains eight sets of windows that are long and slender, being two panes of glass wide but 6 panes high. The green color of the windows blends well with the earth tone shade of the natural stone construction.

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