A poem written by Anonymous

Reflections 5

On a hot and humid August afternoon at the tender age of twelve I set out on my bike. I was to ride my bike to the church. A group of us girls were going to play putt-putt golf.

But on the way this faithful day twelve years ago I would never make it to church.

I remember riding my bike down the big hill. What I did not realize was I was daydreaming.

Next thing I know I drove into to a path of an oncoming car. I was struck and I blew over the top of the car.

That is when I had my vision.

I was walking down a very dark road with a man. But I could not see his face. He had a glowing face.

We came to a deep hole in the middle of the road. It had a very bright light coming out of it.

The man next to me with the glowing face said to me the light is deeper than the hole.

Then I woke up. I was in the ambulance by then.

Since that day I had to be in special ed classes because of the brain damage.

I believe it was Jesus who walked with me and spoke to me in my vision. I believe he meant his light is more powerful than the darkness of evil.

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