A poem written by Anonymous

Reflections 2

I didn't like where I was living, in the project. I lived there 6 years.

My mother passed away a few Thanksgivings ago. I didn't want to stay there.

They weren't going to be too accepting of me in the project, even though I tried making new friends.

I couldn't feel good about where we moved to even though we were just blocks away from our old neighborhood.

Our old neighborhood became a ghetto and finally disappeared.

I wanted to run back and I did, but I thought this is not what I want so I ran back again to our newer apartment.

I said to myself over there and over here is not what I wanted specially with my mother gone.

I wanted to move again but I didn't know where exactly. I really needed to talk to someone. Our neighborhood became invaded.

People that lived there many years, moved out. So did we because we had to.

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