A poem written by Anonymous

Reflections 1

I never understood your feelings about me.
I know you were never satisfied with me.
Didn't seem that I could ever do anything to please you.

I don't think you ever knew how much I hurt.
How much I wanted your approval,
your love.

You were never able to give me what I felt I needed inside.
I never felt worthy around you.
So little self worth.

I would medicate myself so I wouldn?t feel how I always seemed to feel.
To cover my feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness and anger.
It seemed so much easier that way.

When I was with you when you passed on, I was so angry at you.
The only feeling I could identify at that time was anger, Dad .
Why couldn't you love me?

I am moving on and working through my feelings about my life with you.
Today I can say I forgive you dad.
I've had to so I can move on towards where I want to be.

Today I feel good.

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