A poem written by Jeremy Berquist

On Traveling Forward In Time

You live with forces weak and strong,
a ray of light that's everywhere at once.

Then fission comes along your perfect course.

It renders there two parts with gross unequal charge.

One stays, in peace awaiting light.

The other goes, with vision large to separate the wrong from right.

Your seeking half negates.

It draws from distant worlds their foreign truth,
it's path absorbing sets of laws,
your journey circling round what youth
could never know: your time is dear.

You meet yourself again.

What passed as minutes out in space was here a lifetime.

Positively fast, you tell your younger half to wait.

There's time to see the stars,
there's cause to dream of better things than fate
allows, there's always room to pause.

Alas! The course like clockwork turns.

One gears of pressure light decays,
and destined is the part that learns to warn of dark.

Yet one part stays.

Your transit past the stars is done.

The future's known and can't be changed.

By binding with yourself as one
you live with matters prearranged.

One source, one end, at light's behest
to worry not and be at rest.

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