A poem written by Patrick Connors

Loves Telling of its Tale

Kindness has been wandering the world since time ethereal to present time.

Preaching its word teaching it's rhyme.

Kindness is wondering if the world is trouble worth, Wondering if it will ever be worthy of the reward in the eternal fields thus it is second birth.

Hate eviscerates the strength of a man's virtuous edicts and laws.

Man sees love as rambling and sees that it has no cause.

All fair propitiation starts as wisdom such as when justice rings true.

To the wellspring of fair order waxes and keenly wanes.

For when the movement of serene value is given then evil man no longer claims.

Facetiousness of mouth is never heartsavy or sane.

The vanity of the tongue may welcomes the wrath of the mane.

There comes in this wisdom abit.

Hatred is stopped by peace in the pinnacle of its fit.

Then all revelry in truth is made to be ecstatic in certain joy.

Making one rich by means of wise employ.

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