Long Description of 'Atlantis 2005', a water color by Daniel Toney

Creations Accessible Art Gallery at the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

This watercolor by Daniel Toney uses wide brush strokes with muted colors. The subject is a skyline of buildings against a white background.

Towering round watch towers dominate this very dark setting with a crescent moon rising in the rear. A spattering of white color across the buildings suggest lighted windows. The buildings are not defined but implied by changing tones in a unique but effective style. The mood is mystical. The buildings have no dimensions and simply end in the murk of the bottom.

The artist has scattered a few brush stokes of blue and gray across the lower section to suggest water.

This piece was accepted for display during 'Erie Art Festival 2005' and received numerous accolades.

The Art Class is lead by Portrait Artist, Daniel Toney. A recent session was held during 2004, on the premises of the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA, 1101 Peach Street, Erie, PA. The objects were painted using ordinary props. The Art Class was highlighted by ‘Art Night’.

Art Night was organized jointly by Daniel Toney, Portrait Artist, and Shawn Tubbs. Shawn was then an intern completing graduate studies in 'Art Therapy' and is now in private practice.

The classroom with props can be seen here.

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