An essay by Brian McLaughlin, Advocate

Suicide becomes epidemic problem

The public seems to be largely unaware or apathetic that suicide has become an epidemic. That is, until it hits close to home. And as the numbers climb, the chances of this happening increase.

The other aspect of suicide that I find curious is that the public is under the misperception that suicide is a matter of personal choice. The truth is that suicide is rarely chosen by a person not suffering from some kind of diminished capacity.

I believe if people could be reminded of options and helped to see or form stronger social connections, the tragedy that is suicide would not be of such epidemic proportions.

If you feel you are at risk or if you sense someone around you is at risk, talk about it and ask for help. Exercise life-affirming options, such as reconnecting with positive social supports.

Respectfully Submitted for Your Consideration,

Brian Patrick McLaughlin MS/CPS
MH Consumer Advocate
Erie County, PA.

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