An essay by Brian McLaughlin, Advocate

My Father, My Hero: Moment Saved by Pen and Page

Dear Dad-E-O:

One of my earliest memories is of you reading me the Sunday Funnies. I remember you smelled like tobacco, news print and Old Spice aftershave.

The sun poured through our big bow window warming everything it fell upon.

I placed my head on your chest as you read. That enabled me to listen intently to the deep vibration of your voice as well as the beating of your heart.

I felt so loved. And so happy you were my Dad.

My childhood is full of these moments. Such moments sadly do not often find pen or page.

To this day I cannot recall the content of what you read to me. Instead, I have the more important memory: your voice, and the beat of a father's heart.

Happy Father's Day, Dad-E-O!

Your Son,

Brian Patrick

June 19, 2011

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