An essay by Brian McLaughlin, Advocate

Put Your Game Face On!

As a kid I had a coach that would always yell at me to put on my game face. He usually did this when I was dogging it because I was winded or after I got hit so hard I was most likely hurting.

The game face has three purposes: one, it prevents the other players from reading your weakness and two, it helps suppress exhaustion or the pain of a hit. Finally it helps you better focus on carrying out the mission.

As a Certified Peer Specialist I am sometimes distracted by the pain of my own illness or the stress of the mission and, while therapeutic self disclosure is part of my mission, becoming a burden to my peer is not.

So I remember the wisdom imparted to me on a now far off Autumn day: "McLaughlin Put Your Game Face On!"

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Brian Patrick McLaughlin MS/CPS
MH Consumer Advocate
Erie County, PA.

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