Mental Health Association
of Northwestern PA

"I'm The Evidence" Award Nominations for 2017

May 17 2017 Erie, PA

NOMINEE: Jeremy Berquist


As a BCM with Safe Harbor of UPMC, I continue to be amazed by the accomplishments of my client, Mr. Jeremy Berquist. Jeremy has recently been published for his works of poetry titled, “ My Struggles With the Beast”, which talks of his daily battles with schizophrenia that regularly impact both his functioning and his feelings of self-worth. These writings were recently showcased for a Stairways Behavioral Health newsletter.

Additionally, Jeremy is to be interviewed in early May to begin training as a Certified Peer Specialist. I recently witnessed Jeremy’s testimonial of his obstacles and accomplishments as he spoke to a Safe Harbor RN and brought her to tears, as his humble account of all he has achieved is an inspiration to many.

Jeremy’s victories also extend into his past as well. Jeremy was still able, despite experiencing his first psychotic break in his early twenties, to obtain his Doctorate in Mathmatics at MIT, which is certainly no small feat. His only obstacle seems to be the voices working against him in his own amazing mind, although he is slowly appearing to claim victory over these as well, as he works hard in his weekly CBT-P sessions to achieve recovery.

It is rare to have a client to inspire professional supports at such a level as Mr. Berquist has, and as one of the most genuinely empathetic and insightful people I have ever encountered; I would like to nominate Mr. Jeremy Berquist for this 2017 I Am The Evidence Award.

James Pesta