MHA Board President Missi Berquist & Johnston Evergreen Nursery Beautify the Property

Mental Health AssociationSpecial thanks go to MHA Board President Missi Berquist for taking the charge to make the planters around the Peach Street and 11th Street sides of the MHA building functional once again. After some exterior renovations two years ago, we had not seriously addressed the need for some planned use of the boxes. Some flowering plants took over but they just weren’t what the planters called for. Missi made it her project to see what could be done to make the planters more functional and pleasing. Measurements were taken and Missi reached out to area nurseries and gardens for plants. We are very grateful that Johnston Evergreen Nursery stepped up with a generous donation of 40 day lily plants. MHA volunteers dug out the wild plants and prepared the soil. Missi and volunteers then planted our new lilies. We are eagerly looking forward to next spring and summer as these hearty plants take hold and provide our neighborhood with colorful blooms and the opportunity for mental health consumers to participate in tending them.

Thanks Missi and Johnston Evergreen Nursery for helping MHA be a good neighbor.

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