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Corner Display Cabinet

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This corner cabinet is six feet high, three feet wide with five shelves. The cabinet is flanked on the left with an acoustic guitar resting vertically on a stand. On the right, is a floor lamp. On top of the cabinet, three framed works are displayed. The first is a pencil drawing of a flowerpot, the second is a chalk drawing of an oriental text character,and the third is a pencil drawing of another flowerpot.

The upper shelf has two ceramic works, a puppy six inches high, and a lion. Between these, a recognition plaque is resting.

The second shelf holds three framed charcoal drawings.

The third shelf holds two ceramic characters. One is a child in a baseball uniform, eight inches high. The other is a child in a hockey uniform, also eight inches high. Between them, is a bell. This bell is the symbol of the National Mental Health Association. Behind the bell, is a framed letter describing the meaning of the bell.

The forth shelf holds three framed charcoal works.

The bottom shelf holds two ceramic frogs, twelve inches high. The frogs are standing erect, painted green, and each holding a veritcal sign with the caption 'Welcome'. Between the frogs is a colored pencil drawing of superman.