a special message from the director of
Upper Room of Erie, a homeless shelter

The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking on my remaining time as Director of the Upper Room. Some weeks ago we named a search committee, Moderated by board member Bill Grove, and took out an ad in the Erie Times. This past week a committee reviewed 22 applications and selected 5. Yesterday another committee appointed by our board president Carl Hull selected 3 to be interviewed by the board. This Wednesday the board will likely choose one of the 5 as the new Operations Manager. Soon after that, this new person will assume the responsibilities of the job. I will continue my affiliation with as yet undefined duties. An era is ending, both for me and the Upper Room.

I've enjoyed my years with the Upper Room. I've had the opportunity to see my dreams and ideas become reality, and the chance to be involved in something much larger than myself. I've met and worked great people: our fine staff of volunteers, our faithful donors and supporters, the people who have come to us, and even some of Erie's movers and shakers. Of course, I've paid a price: my personal life and relationships have been affected but not beyond repair I hope. That's one of the things I'll be focusing on. But I'll still be seen around the shelter. I have many friends there. I don't plan to lose them.

Tom Schlaudecker
Sixteen days and counting
Mar 17, 2014

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