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Recent Doings at the UR

This may be the last communication you’ll see from me…at least for a while. Our founding webmaster and good friend Andy will make this one of his last projects for the Upper Room. He will be missed! So I’m taking this occasion to give you a roundup of some recent doings at the UR. Perhaps you’ve seen the item on our recent picnic at the beach. It was our fourth and best one to date, Great food thanks to Rick and Deb, beautiful weather, and a lively bunch of picnickers.

The recent "Erie Gives" day went really well for us. From forty-five donors , the Erie Foundation, and GE, we received a tad over six thousand dollars. We are grateful to those of you who participated.

Another example of the generosity of Erie folks is our freshly-painted bathroom. Dave Treusch and his "Serve Erie" crew took a chunk out of their Saturday to brighten up a very popular place. Amazingly there was no graffiti to cover up.

To change our pace a bit, last week was Ronnie’s birthday. I won’t say which one, but his history with us goes back almost to our beginning. To me he is still a youngster with just a trace of gray. To celebrate, we went to the airport for its part in the Perry 200 festivities. Since he and Allen are both aviation fans, it was a kick for me to see examples of the WWII aircraft that helped bring that war to a successful end. Only a student of those times know how close this country came to defeat. Most interesting to them I think were the Red Tail re-enactors with a genuine flying example of the plane that almost won that war by itself. That’s Ronnie in the picture with the ‘51.

Ronnie at Erie Air Show

Member Ronnie has a birthday celebration at Erie Aviation Air Show courtesy of the Upper Room

Well I’m signing off. Stay tuned to the Upper Room. WE need YOU!

Tom Schlaudecker
September 3, 2013

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