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The Upper Room of Erie

Oct 23, 2014Dr. Cris TaylorBlizzard of Blankets
Apr 24, 2014Dr. Cris TaylorHeartfelt Community Support
Mar 17, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerThe Clock is Ticking
Feb 25, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerChallenges of a Record Year
Feb 10, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerA Dream Come True
Feb 5, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerNuova Aurora Club Supports Upper Room
Jan 29, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerMarquette Bank Supports Upper Room
Jan 21, 2014Tom SchlaudeckerJerry Johnson Buried with Military Honors
Dec 26, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerHealth or Freedom?
Nov 19, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerNational Homelessness Week
Oct 9, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerSpecial Moments That Make Our Work Memorable
Sep 3, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerRecent doings at the UR
Aug 1, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerI'm still here
Jun 8, 2013Tom Schlaudecker2012 Danny Award Presented
Apr 1, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerEaster Spirit
Mar 18, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerHappy Birthday Upper Room
Feb 10, 2013Tom SchlaudeckerMy digital world
Jan 30 2013Tom SchlaudeckerStaff expands to include new Operations Manager
Jan 4 2013Tom SchlaudeckerChristmas at the Upper Room
Nov 24 2012Tom SchlaudeckerMy Sunny Saturday in Erie
Nov 5 2012Tom SchlaudeckerA Not Uncommon Friday Afternoon
Sep 19 2012Tom SchlaudeckerErie Playhouse hosts homeless at dress rehearsals