Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Second Chance Computers

Where Second Chances can Bridge the Gap

Second Chance Computers (SCC) is not just a second chance for computers.

SCC is a computer recycling program to help bridge the gap between folks with mental health needs who do not have the means to purchase and operate a computer and the rest of the world living and communicating in the 21st century.

So maybe you didn't 'get it' the first time around. Here's the second chance you may be looking for.

We teach basic computer skills using operating systems and software from open sources.

Our program is 5 weeks long at 2 classes per week. Upon successful completion of the program, the participant takes the computer home.

To date, 36 students have graduated from this program earning them a personal computer, self confidence in keeping up with the times and the satisfaction of success.

Qualified SSC graduates may have the opportunity to return and teach the class to others.

We are in need of donations of used, functional laptops so that this program can continue.

Area businesses qualify for a tax credit by donating functioning but outdated computers.

Because MHA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, individuals can also deduct the value of donated laptops.

Hardware Specifications:
Any laptop with a 40G hard drive or bigger.

We are also looking for volunteers to install operating systems, download open source software and assist with class instruction.

Distribution Plan For Computers Donated To 2ndchancecomputers@mha

It is the intent of the Mental Health Association of NW PA to collaborate with area businesses to assist mental health consumers to obtain personal computers. To be considered for this offer, consumers must:

Congratulations to Our Second Class of Graduates of the Second Chance Computer Program

MHA is pleased to announce that on Monday, August 25, 7more mental health consumers graduated from the Second Chance Computer Program. Congratulations to John Wilson, Michael Wardell, Adrienne Preiosi, Joni Mary, Charles Gauley. Not Pictured: Robert Steele, Gail Cash-McGuire. Instructor: Carlos Northington.

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For more information, please contact LuAnn Gossett at or 814-452-4462 ext 126.