Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Peer Support Program

We are pleased to announce that the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA is opening a new free standing, consumer run Peer Support Program (PSP) housed at our facility at 1101 Peach Street, Erie.

We are facing two critical issues as we begin this venture.

Those of you who know us also know that MHA does not have deep pockets. There is limited or no start-up funding for this program. We must ramp up the service to a sustainable level quickly; so we are aggressively looking for consumers who would like to have the service, meet referral criteria, and whose treatment professionals believe will benefit from the many advantages peer support offers for persons pursuing recovery from mental illness. As a free standing program, the PSP is not attached to any medical/psychiatric provider service and cannot internally address the medical necessity requirement to establish caseloads. We must rely on the treatment service community to address this aspect of referral.

If you know of consumers who would benefit from peer support services and who are interested in receiving such services from the MHA, please expedite a referral to us as directed on the referral form. At our end, we will be introducing consumers in the community to peer support and encouraging them to ask you about referring them to a peer support service. We appreciate your help in making this service viable and your support of peer driven/run services for the mental health consumers of Erie County.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don?t hesitate to call either Dave Wooledge, PSP Team Leader, or me at the numbers below.

Thanks again and wish us well on this new venture.


Bill Grove, CEO
814-452-4462 ext. 100

Dave Wooledge, PSP Team Leader
452-4462 ext. 117