Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Artistic Creations

by members of the Mental Health Association of Northwestern Pa

Comments to the artist: please tell our artists how you feel about their work, and about this method of presentation. Your feedback is genuinely encouraged. Use this email form.

Table of Art on Display
AnonymousPoetryReflections 1N/A
AnonymousPoetryReflections 2N/A
AnonymousPoetryReflections 3N/A
AnonymousPoetryReflections 4N/A
AnonymousPoetryReflections 5N/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryDo Not Worry, My FriendN/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryFor ForgivenessN/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryFor My MotherN/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryFrom the DarknessN/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryOn Traveling Forward In TimeN/A
Jeremy BerquistPoetryWithout YouN/A
Patrick ConnorsPoetryLoves Telling of its TaleN/A
Patrick ConnorsPoetrySummer of My HeartN/A
Patrick ConnorsPoetryThe Gate of EchoesN/A
Patrick ConnorsPoetryWonders FuryN/A
Ritz J FitzgeraldPoetryThe Autumn LeavesN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryFriend of MineN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryDear Lover of MineN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryThe Song of MusicN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryClock of TimeN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryThe Christmas GiftN/A
Rita J FitzgeraldPoetryThe Easter GiftN/A
Patricia HenryPoetryA Voice Is HeardN/A
Charity KeithPoetryMy Vision of JesusN/A
Angela LasherPoetryMcDonaldsN/A
Lawrence McClintonPoetryVision of Hope, My StoryN/A
Jesse J OstrowskiPoetryThe House of LoveN/A
Michael RietschaEssayBroken SoulN/A
Michael RietschaEssayThe Tortured SoulN/A
Michael RietschaPoetryMy GoddessN/A
Michael RietschaEssayThis WomanN/A
Michael RietschaEssayThe MaskN/A
Michael RietschaEssayMy FatherN/A
Michael RietschaEssayMy SanctuaryN/A
Michael RietschaEssayClouds Have LiftedN/A
Ray VernEssayThe DisabledN/A
Anoia Rhodes HobsonGalleryKnow Me As A PersonText Description
Missi BerquistMuralKeep Me Walking In The SunshineText Description
Missi BerquistMuralMoon, Turn The Tides Gently, Gently AwayText Description
Missi BerquistAcrylicGraced DignityText Description
Gail BlakeWatercolorFlower BowlText Description
Nancy CranstonCollageMineshaftText Description
Nancy CranstonPencil DrawingSunflowerText Description
Katherine MooreheadWatercolorWaterlilyText Description
Katherine MooreheadWatercolorPlant in a Spidery ArrayText Description
Katherine MooreheadWatercolorArrangementText Description
Katherine MooreheadWatercolorPotted FlowersText Description
Katherine MooreheadFoam/FabricLadie Froggie Welcomes YouText Description
Katherine MooreheadAcrylicEagleText Description
Katherine MooreheadPencil SketchFluffy PoochText Description
Katherine MooreheadInk on Rice PaperLeaf PrintText Description
Katherine MooreheadFoam SheetsParrotText Description
Katherine MooreheadFelt Tip PenWhale TaleText Description
Katherine MooreheadCloth &FoamLotus FlowerText Description
Rosemarie MyersDrawingChosenText Description
Rosemarie MyersDrawingFree BirdText Description
Frank NovelColored pen & inkNo Man is an IslandText Description
Adrienne RiccominiWatercolorSoaringText Description
Sam StarocciWatercolorAngelfishText Description
S.SummersWatercolorOwlText Description
Alisha ThomasColored MarkerUmbrella FlowerText Description
Daniel ToneyPencil DrawingDr. M.L.KingText Description
Daniel ToneyWatercolorThin VaseText Description
Daniel ToneyWatercolorMedium VaseText Description
Daniel ToneyWatercolorWide VaseText Description
Daniel ToneyWatercolorAtlantis 2005Text Description
Daniel ToneyMural SeriesBirth of a DolphinText Description
Daniel ToneyMuralFrogsText Description
Daniel ToneyMuralWooded LakeText Description
Daniel ToneyPortraitJohn LennonText Description
Andy WheelerWood TurningCandlesticksText Description
Andy WheelerPhotographNew BasketText Description
Andy WheelerPhotographSummer CottageText Description
Andy WheelerPhotographNiagara At HomeText Description