Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA

Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team: (CFST)

Erie County's Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (CFST) is made up of consumers, parents, family members, and persons in recovery.

The mission of the C/FST is to listen to people to find out their ideas about what is or is not helping them move through the public mental health and drug and alcohol systems.

Consumers and/or family members who receive mental health/drug and alcohol services in Erie County are contacted by C/FST on a regular basis by either face-to-face or telephone. They are asked satisfaction questions regarding their services.

With deep respect for each person?s rights and dignity the team reports group results of consumer's satisfaction and dissatisfactions.

Through our interviews, the C/FST hopes to improve delivery of mental health and drug and alcohol related services in Erie County. The C/FST is a vehicle for having the consumer's voice heard.

C/FST collects and analyzes around 3,000 surveys a year with consumers and family members.