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Cobb's Second Time Around Thrift Shop
Joining Warming Center At Mha Fundraising Partners

MHA is proud to welcome Cobb's Second Time Around Thrift Shop, 1215 Parade Street in Erie as a new fundraising partner for the Warming Center at MHA. They have already started offering their customers an opportunity to win a $50 gift card with either the purchase of $1 chances or by donating clothing or Warming Center wish list items. Cobb's has copies of the Warming Center at MHA wish list posted in the store or you can find it on our website

Stop by Cobb's anytime during their regular business hours Monday through Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm. Pick up some bargains, drop off some good used clothes or wish list items, and purchase some chances for the gift card. They have set an initial goal of $500. Help them be this year's first Warming Night sponsor. Your generosity will make sure no one needs to be left out in the cold when overnight temperatures drop to 25 degrees or below.

Thanks to Amy Cobb, Brenda Gallogly and all the staff at Cobb's for their efforts to support the Warming Center at MHA.

Cobb Store

Next Budget Impasse Rally Scheduled

Community stakeholders concerned about the prolonged state budget impasse met this week to discuss plans for another rally to protest the lack of progress toward resolution of the impasse. Because the impasse means that state funds are not flowing to our communities, programs in education, human services, elder care, daycare, nursing homes, housing initiatives, student grants/loans, mental health, the arts, domestic violence, disabilities, homeless, children's services, food distribution and others are either in significant financial distress or facing financial crisis soon. People are being laid off or working without pay, bills of individuals and state supported programs are going unpaid, services are being cut back, loans are being signed that will cost taxpayer dollars to pay off interest, schools may close.


  • You use a service funded by state dollars
  • You are a provider of a service supported by state funds
  • You are a student with state funded loans and grants
  • You are a parent of a child in public schools
  • You are a parent using subsidized day care
  • You are a teacher
  • You run a business that provides services or products to state subsidized programs
  • You are and advocate for persons with special needs or people living in poverty
  • You believe the state has an obligation to pass a budget in a timely manner
  • You believe the budget over the last 4 years has been inadequate to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians
  • You believe education of our children and providing a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens is more important than petty politics

If you fit into just one of these categories, this rally is for you and we need you to join us at noon on Thurs., October 1st in Perry Square to let our elected state officials know that we want action to negotiate and pass a budget that adequately and sustainably funds our schools and the safety net. PLEASE BE THERE.

2 MHA Programs Closed Wed 9/30

The Consumer Recovery Center and the Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team Offices will be closed on Wed. September 30th for staff training. Both programs will re-open on Thursday. Please bear with us as we make sure our staff become more knowledgeable and effective in addressing the needs of persons with mental health needs. All other MHA programs and offices will be operating on the 30th.

MHANP Annual Report
for 2013 - 2014 released

Our Annual Report for 2013 - 2014 has been made available.

Annual Report 2014 ~

A quick guide to some housing resources
for people experiencing homelessness

Warming Center at MHA . . .[details]

The Warming Center at MHA opens its doors whenever the overnight temperature will be 25 degrees or less, accepting anyone who needs to come in from the cold during overnight hours. All are welcome while they abide by basic rules of mutual respect. MHA provides shelter, safety, food, coffee, activities, conversation, support, and a place to "nap" for those needing to rest. Click on Icon just above this column.

Erie County Care Management Homeless Case Management
814.528.0600. . .[details]

Best to call early in the morning or late afternoon or most likely you will need to leave a message and number for them to call back. They can meet with you at their office or somewhere in the community. Homeless Case Management can be a good resource way to help someone with a mental health need find a place to live. Homeless case managers have expertise and resources others may not have. The case managers are in the emergency shelters almost every day.

United Methodist Alliance Project Hope
814.456.5670. . .[details]

Project Hope has very active outreach workers. They can meet with you in the community. Project Hope workers often can meet with people in the evenings as well as the daytime. Project Hope has resources others may not.

Over-flow shelter information
814.459.5765. . .[details]

The over-flow shelter location rotates through the community. Call to find the location and times it is open.

The Internship Experience at the MHA

Several college seniors from universities within the tri state area have spent a semester at the MHA. We have asked our recent interns to express their impression of their experience with us.

Highlights Regional

Second Chance Computers Desperate For Laptops

The Second Chance Computer project at MHA, a program to connect computers and mental health consumers with very limited or no computer experience with basic computer skills and a laptop computer, has run out of good used laptops. Until we replenish our laptop supply, over 50 eligible persons will remain on an ever growing waiting list.

Graduates of Second Chance Computers have found their lives transformed by gaining computer skills and access. They have been able to establish social networks, connect with recovery resources, and find jobs in the community because they can grab their laptop and get to a wi-fi site where they can now communicate effectively.

We need your help. We certainly need individual donations of good working laptops that are no longer in use. We also know there are closets and storage rooms throughout the community where stockpiles of laptops that have outlived their usefulness for businesses and companies languish. MHA can use those laptops. If you work for a company that has such a cache of laptops or know of a company we might contact, please contact us. Call LuAnn at 452-4462 x126. Being unable to use a computer in the 21st century is a huge barrier in anyone’s future.

September is National Recovery Month

The 2015 Recovery Month theme, "Join the Voices for Recovery: Visible, Vocal, Valuable", highlights the value of peer support by educating, mentoring and helping others. The theme invites individuals in recovery and their support systems to be catalysts and active change-agents in communities, and in civic and advocacy engagements. It encourages individuals to start conversations about the prevention, treatment and recovery of behavioral health conditions at earlier stages of life. (from

Compassionate Actions Project (CAP)
Food Pantry

Compassionate Actions Project Food Pantry at the Mental Health Association opened July 22, 2014. Since we opened we have offered a healthful selection of foods to approximately 40 to 50 MHA members each month. Simple and tasty recipes and free literature are also offered at the CAP Food Pantry!

Photo of food distribution tables

We appreciate the kind and caring people who volunteer their time to make the CAP Food Pantry at MHA possible. Thank-you to all the wonderful people that help keep the food pantry running smoothly each month!

Our food pantry's non-refrigerated foods are carefully selected each month. In keeping within our organization's mission we appreciate only plant based food donations - please see the CAP website for foods that we offer.

On the food pantry day (usually the 4th Tuesday of the month), we ask that you please consider donating fresh produce! Fresh vegetables and fruits are always appreciated if donated before 12:30 PM on the day we distribute food.

Community Care, Erie County, Meeting Schedule

Community Care, a nonprofit managed care organization, announces the schedule for the upcomming advisory meetings.

Meetings for Community Care Adult Members:
Adult Members Meetings ~

Meetings for Families of Members:
Family Meetings ~

Western Region CSP
Schedule for 2015

The Community Support Program (CSP) of Pennsylvania is a coalition of mental health consumers, family members and professionals working to help adults with serious mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders live successfully in the community.

Meeting Information ~

MHANP routinely attends these meetings and all members are encouraged to participate. The exact time and date is listed monthly in our Schedule of Activities.

Schedule of Activities ~

MH Advance Directive

Mental Health Advance Directive is available online.